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Useful Websites

Useful Websites



Useful websites and resources for parents/carers working at home


  • Topmarks

A firm favourite in EYFS and an excellent website with lots of fun games for children to play to support their early number, phonics and pattern skills.


  • BBC School Radio

Here you will find all your favourite songs, nursery rhymes and listening activities for your children to join in with at home.


  • Oxford Owl 

Interactive books and reading activities for you to share at home with your child.


  • Phonics Play

A variety of phonics games for children to access across EYFS as they learn to identify letter sounds and begin blending and segmenting them to read simple words.


  • Alphablocks

Alphablocks is a British children's educational television series that teaches reading and writing with the use of animated blocks that represent each letter.


  • Numberblocks

Sing along and learn all about numbers with the Numberblocks!


  • Cbeebies Bedtime Stories

Wind down and relax before bed with a range of stories read by your favourite celebrities!