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Safeguarding of children is the highest priority in Shiremoor Primary School. The Headteacher is the Lead Designated Person and is supported by a team of well-trained safeguarding leads.


All staff and Governors hold Safeguarding Certificates and receive regular safeguarding updates and annual school training. Any shortlisting or recruitment is supported by staff and Governors who have been Safer Recruit Trained. Governors receive regular updates about safeguarding in school, including referrals and statistics. 


There are also two Designated Persons for Looked After Children to ensure that these children have their educational outcomes monitored. School support families where children have special guardianship status and are mindful of how children can be affected emotionally due to circumstances related to their care. We do have a Lead Learning Mentor who supports children with worries and concerns they have in regard to their experiences.

Shiremoor Primary School is mindful of data confidentiality and store all information accordingly. School shares information when it is necessary for the safeguarding of children. 


Absence can be a key indicator of families needing support and attendance is monitored carefully to ensure that children access their educational entitlement and do not go missing in education and that root causes of poor attendance can be identified to enable issues to be addressed through support and challenge. School regularly works with other agencies such as the Police, Children’s Services, Health and Education Welfare to try to ensure that children are safeguarded when attendance is an on-going concern.


All staff annually sign up to our Code of Conduct and other safeguarding policies including the ‘Acceptable Use’ policies for social media and electronic devices. Staff are aware of our Low Level Concerns policy and we work in a school with a high level of professionalism where staff recognise the need for honesty and transparency and where the Head, Chair and Senior Team can all be approached about any concern however small. Staff are also aware of the Whistleblowing Policy and that they should use this around any concerns they may have about any member of staff.


Staff induction also includes training on how to assess and manage risk and all risk assessments are signed off by Senior Managers. Incidents and accidents are recorded and graphs are produced to enable us to track issues and take action as required.


All visitors must sign in to school and, once through our double door entry system, an electronic pass is required to access other parts of the building. Anyone working in school who is not a member of school staff is subject to scrutiny prior to working within school and an up to date DBS is required. The Office Manager keeps stringent records in relation to this. Anyone working within school without a current DBS must wear a red lanyard so that staff are fully aware that this person cannot work alone with children.


School Governors do regular Health and Safety checks in school and understand the procedures that we have to keep children safe in school. The Headteacher is IOSH trained and staff receive Health and Safety training as part of their induction and then on-going reminders and training where required. 

Most importantly, children in school know how we try to keep them safe and they also know how to get help if they have any worries or concerns. They know who our Trusted Adults are and aware that they should feel confident in approaching us for support.



Designated Safeguarding Staff

Shiremoor Primary School is an Operation Encompass School





Download and view the following documents:


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Working Together to Safeguard Children, published by HM Government, updated July 2022.

Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years, published by OFSTED, updated September 2022.