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Dear Parents,
In preparation for the world of work, we expect children to learn how to present themselves. We teach children that it takes 20 seconds to inform an impression of someone. Uniform also enables us to have a collective school identity. We understand that uniform can be expensive and so we do not require items with the school logo but we do expect that children wear appropriate uniform in school colours. Uniform extends to general presentation and we do not accept hair dyed in inappropriate colours and all hair items should be discrete. This is also for safety reasons and links to our policy on no jewellery.

Children must also learn to be prepared for other lessons such as P.E. and P.E. requires appropriate sports wear. We do not allow logos other than the school logo.

In regards to footwear, children can wear plain black shoes or trainers. Heels are not appropriate.


Teachers will speak to parents to reinforce uniform requirements. School can support parents who would struggle to provide appropriate uniforms. Please see lists below or speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team if you are unsure of requirements.


Thank you for your support in this matter.



If you would like to order school uniform with a logo, please see the link below to order from our supplier (Tots to Teams) Please not logo's are not required. 



Children must wear the school uniform, which consists of:

  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • White shirt/blouse (No longer accepted as of Sept 2022)
  • Yellow polo shirt (Changing to white in Sept 2022, please do not purchase any new yellow polo shirts)
  • Grey or black trousers (Grey only from Sept 2022)
  • Grey or black plain tracksuit bottoms. (Grey only from Sept 2022)
  •  Blue summer gingham dress 

Leggings are not appropriate.


PE Kit

Children participate in indoor and outdoor Physical Education and it is important that the children are dressed appropriately. PE kit can be left in school on the child's peg.


Your child is required to have the following:

  • Indoor - white plain t-shirt; navy, blue or black shorts and indoor shoes.

See changes for Sept 2022 below

  • Outdoor- white plain t-shirt; tracksuit bottoms and jacket and outdoor trainers.

See changes for Sept 2022 below

Football strips and items with logos are not acceptable.


Uniform Policy from September 2022


Uniforms can have the school logo but this is not necessary


Daily school uniform:

  • School royal blue sweatshirt or blue school cardigan
  • Plain white polo top 
  • Grey tracksuit bottoms with no logo, or grey school trousers
  • Grey skirts or pinafores 
  • Children can wear black trainers, shoes or boots. They should be plain black in colour
  • Only plain blue or white ribbons, headbands or bobbles.


Additional summer options:

  • Blue gingham dress
  • Grey uniform shorts


No leggings to be worn.

No logos other than school logos to be on clothing.

No jewellery to be worn.


P.E. Kit (No logos):


  • Plain blue shorts
  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Sandshoes or suitable black trainers


OUTDOORS: (Winter/Spring. In summer, indoor kit will suffice)

  • Plain black sweatshirt
  • Plain grey tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black trainers


Tracksuit and trainers can be used for general school day wear however, if children get wet and cold, they would then have no change of clothes.


If there is a reason why your child cannot wear any of the clothing above, please see one of the Senior Team for advice.


Support for Parents/carers

As new guidance requiring schools to make uniforms affordable for all comes into force, before families buy their uniform for the new school year starting in September 2022, we believe taking the kinder planet approach of reusing and recycling is the answer.


With the new guidance, schools have to make sure second-hand uniforms are available. In the UK, an estimated 350,000 tonnes of clothes end up in landfill every year and encouraging families to choose second-hand uniform can reduce waste and bring down emissions from manufacturing new garments, while also making it cost-effective for families. We are currently working with parents to devise a strategy which will be most effective in supporting our Shiremoor Primary families. 


We will look forward to a consistent uniform in September and children looking much smarter for P.E.