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Term Dates

Summer Friday 19th July 2019 Wednesday 4th September 2019
Autumn Mid-Term Friday 25th October 2019 Monday 4th November 2019
Christmas Friday 20th December 2019 Tuesday 7th January 2020
Spring Mid-Term Friday 14th February 2020 Monday 24th February 2020
Spring Friday 3rd April 2020 Tuesday 21st April 2020
Summer Mid-Term Friday 22nd May 2020 Monday 1st   June 2020
Summer Friday 17th July 2020 Wednesday 2nd September 2020


Teacher training day – Monday 2nd September 2019, Tuesday 3rd September 2019, Monday 6th January 2020 and Monday 20th April 2020 – school closed.

May Day – Friday 8th May 2020 – School closed.

Year 2 SAT's will be in May

Year 6 SAT’s will be in Monday 11th May - Thursday 14th May.

These dates are provisional and may change or be added to.

School Catering Assistants required – Please view link below for further details


School absence in relation to family holidays

As a result of a change in guidance to schools, pupil’s absence in relation to family holidays during term time must now be recorded as unauthorised absence.

The schools Governing Body have decided that following these guidelines we will not be able to authorise annual holiday absence unless there are very particular family circumstances e.g. when the well being of the family is dependant on such leave being granted following a tragedy or recuperation after serious illness.

If you choose to take your family holiday during term time, without a very particular family circumstance, the absence will be unauthorised and referred to the Education Welfare Service.  You may be liable to a fixed penalty fine issued by the Education Welfare Service.  You will be fined if you take your child out of school during the SAT’s week.

If you require more information on this matter please contact Mrs Quinn in the school office.

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