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Initial Teacher Training/ Education Support Partnership


Shiremoor Primary School are passionate that children should have the very best teachers and we therefore are heavily involved in supporting development of the future generation of teachers.


The Headteacher sits on the University Primary Partnership Board for Northumbria University which is a strategic partnership to ensure high-quality provision for teaching students. As part of her role with the University, she has written and delivered the Behaviour ITAPs for PGCE and BA trainees to ensure that they have a really strong focus on behaviour management.


In addition, school staff also support the University and a SCITT programme by hosting lectures around assessment and safeguarding.


We host trainee teachers for both programmes and have a long history of growing our own. Trainee teachers are fully immersed in the life of the school. Many of the staff team came to us as trainees initially.


School is also involved with the Three Rivers Teaching School Hub having previously been a Teaching School. A number of staff, including the Head and Deputy, lead the NPQ training programmes for teachers and school leaders. Through the Hub, the Head also provides Early Headship coaching for Heads new to post.

The Headteacher has worked as a National Leader of Education and supported school improvement in a number of schools and, also participates in a number of strong networks within the Local Authority and beyond. She is passionate about colleagues working together to create a stronger education system.




If you have some ideas about sharing best practice that you would like to discuss, please contact the school office via our school email . If you are thinking about Teacher training and would like to speak to someone about this, please feel free to make an appointment with the Headteacher.