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At Shiremoor Primary School have used the National Curriculum as a basis to create an ambitious and engaging curriculum, which allows all children to become passionate and confident artists. The curriculum is planned and sequenced carefully to ensure children have clearly defined endpoints from Early Years to the end of Year 6. During the design phase, leaders have consulted extensively with art specialists to ensure that the curriculum prepares students well for Year 7 and beyond.

Students learn skills and processes (disciplinary knowledge) and key facts about artists (substantive knowledge). They use these to express themselves through the arts. During their time at school, they are exposed to artists from different backgrounds, faiths, cultures and ethnicities in order to understand art as a medium for self-expression.

Careful consideration has been given to building knowledge (schema theory) and sequencing (making links over time and between themes) so that children have the opportunity to build rich and detailed knowledge.

Our art curriculum is not about reproducing the work of well-known artists. It is about providing children with opportunities to develop their understanding of artists and the methods they use. Students will develop their own critical thinking, creativity, and technical skills to build upon their own artistic practice through a range of concepts and media.

Art is interwoven throughout the curriculum ensuring that children are given many opportunities to build upon each skill year on year. To strengthen children’s knowledge and understanding in other subjects, the art curriculum is also planned, where appropriate, to support with other curriculum areas such as science and history. There is a strong PSHE link throughout art.

Through their theoretical knowledge, children gain an understanding of ‘great and relevant’ artists and craft makers. They learn how artists have shaped history and how the arts have contributed to the culture and economic growth of our nation and the wider world. They will use art to make meaningful connections through time.

Our curriculum primarily focuses on drawing, painting, printing and sculpture; however, we also want our children to have further opportunities that may ignite and inspire a particular career interest such as photography, textiles and architecture design. In each year group, children study a local artist that reflects their cultural heritage and local history in more depth. This gives children an appreciation and sense of belonging.



Video Project


'Don't Stress'

An animation project completed by some pupils in Year's 5 and 6.