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Welcome to Reception


Reception at Shiremoor Primary School is a secure, caring and stimulating learning environment, where children can become confident and independent learners.


We firmly believe children must develop a secure understanding of basic skills in reading, writing and number as soon as they enter.  Through daily phonics and number sessions, Reception children consistently build on what they have learned in Nursery, so that by the end of Reception, they are equipped with the necessary skills ready for Year 1 and beyond.


In the afternoon, children explore our outdoor provision where they have opportunities to discover nature through gardening, exploring habitats and further their woodwork skills using tools such as hammers, saws and drills.  We also have a fantastic outdoor area linked to the classroom where the children can engage in independent play to enhance their skills in being imaginative, problem solving and working as a team. Our provision offers exciting topics which are bespoke, regularly updated and based on the needs of all children. Through these topics, the children are given the opportunity to become scientists, chefs, writers and artists.

In Reception, we celebrate all aspects of children’s learning. Children’s achievements are celebrated in our weekly assembly where they receive ‘Helping Hands’ and ‘Good Work’ awards. Staff work with children to encourage them to make the right choices and model high standards of expected behaviour whereby children also work towards their Behaviour Awards.