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Minutes From Our Meeting


Date: 25/09/2023


  • Presentation of badges and introductions
  • Weekly tasks, including our weekly award which is based on ‘Skills Builder’ skills, focusing on a new skill each week. Year 6 will ensure each class gets a fresh certificate each week, will collect them in on Fridays and will announce the awards in Monday’s assembly.
  • The council voted on priorities for improvements suggested by North

Tyneside’s Children’s Participation & Advocacy/Social Inclusion. The council voted that Poverty was the area of improvement they would like to focus on.


Date: 16/11/2023


  • We are going to hold a poster competition to discourage people from vaping and smoking near school grounds. The winning posters will be laminated and displayed outside on the school gates. Can you design the best poster? Closing date will be the 8th December.
  • We are planning a charity day on December 15th where we will be asking children to bring in spare change to add to a wellie. Money raised will go to our chosen charity – Huntington’s Disease Association.