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Behaviour and Attendance


At Shiremoor Primary School we are preparing children for their futures. This means that they must have respect for themselves and others, be able to get along with other people and responsibly resolve any differences. They need to also understand that there is a requirement for rules and laws and the benefits to everyone for these being followed. We have very high expectations of children and instil in them that behaving makes them feel far better in themselves. Our strategy is a very proactive one and staff are well-trained in our whole school approach.
We do have a whole school reward system to congratulate those children who behave consistently well and this has to be tightly managed to ensure the bar is high. In the Autumn Term children aim for Bronze Award, Silver in Spring and Gold in Summer. Please see further information under ‘Celebrations’.


The School Rules

It is important that you know and keep the school rules.


1. We keep hands and feet and other undesirable objects to ourselves.

2. Quiet voices - we do no shout or use bad language.

3. We are always in the right place at the right time.

4. We follow helpers and teacher instructions.

5. We follow the rules of each area.

6. We care for the school environment


Attendance at school is a legal requirement and research has also proven that children who attend school regularly have better future prospects. We expect children to attend school for a minimum of 95% of the time.

Following consultation with parents, we introduced a system to highlight for parents where their child attendance falls each half-term e.g. red, amber, green. We also provide advisory meetings with parents around attendance and have a Lead Learning Mentor who can support parents with any barriers to attendance.

We expect parents to communicate with us around absence and, where no communication has been received, we consider absence to be a safeguarding matter. It is important that we have as much detail surrounding a child's absence and therefore staff are likely to contact parents for more details.


We do employ a ‘first day response’ approach and may visit the home where we need to ensure a child’s welfare and may involve other services if required. Home visits may be made to any child who's attendance is below 95% or when unusual attendance patterns are noticed. 

Good attendance is rewarded with Bronze, Silver and Gold Attendance Awards.

Please see our policies for Behaviour and Attendance.

School absence in relation to family holidays


As a result of a change in guidance to schools, pupil’s absence in relation to family holidays during term time must now be recorded as unauthorised absence.


The schools Governing Body have decided that following these guidelines we will not be able to authorise annual holiday absence unless there are very particular family circumstances e.g. when the well being of the family is dependant on such leave being granted following a tragedy or recuperation after serious illness.


If you choose to take your family holiday during term time, without a very particular family circumstance, the absence will be unauthorised and referred to the Education Welfare Service.  You may be liable to a fixed penalty fine issued by the Education Welfare Service.  You will be fined if you take your child out of school during the SAT’s week.


If you require more information on this matter please contact Mrs Quinn in the school office.