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Enhanced Opportunities

At Shiremoor Primary School, we believe that all children deserve to have a range of opportunities before they are grown up which is why staff go above and beyond with their time and commitment and also put so much thought into experiences that children will be able to access in their time with us. We are determined that all children will be able to go for walks and enjoy the mental and physical health aspects of this but also the geographical and scientific learning that can come from walking. We want all children to have had the chance to camp or to attend another residential to develop independence and a love of the outdoors and to challenge themselves. 


We think that all children benefit from playing an instrument and having a love of singing and performing as well as enjoying listening to a variety of music types. We ensure that all children visit an art gallery and have the opportunity to learn about a range of artists so that they can appreciate art as they become older.
It is important to us that all children develop a respect for others and the views and beliefs of others and we therefore have a democratic school council (Shiremoor Voice), learn about democracy but also learn to listen to the views of others and recognise that we may not all agree, but that we must get along. We ensure that all children are able to visit a range of religious buildings to deepen our knowledge and respect for the religious beliefs of others.
Respect for oneself is a huge focus for us and we encourage mental and physical fitness in a variety of ways in and beyond the curriculum and we ask that staff are good role-models for children in this. All children are able to participate in sports beyond school and enjoy visits to Sports stadiums including for 'motor' sports with our Goblin race car. All children have the chance to cook and we have adapted our school to facilitate the building of a small kitchen.
Mostly, children have to understand why coming to school matters and we ensure that all children learn about careers and how their learning may support them in the future. We have various visitors to speak about careers and also visits to places of work to inspire children.
Heritage is also very important to us and we all attend the Shiremoor Treat annually which is a celebration of our mining culture.