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Personal Development

Personal Development Week


Personal Development Week runs each term although the learning covered in Personal Development Week does not start and end there. It is provided dedicated time to have a clear focus during that week. Across school from Year 1-Year 6 (often EYFS are included in various aspects of the week), all classes have overarching learning to cover that is broken down into age-appropriate and progressive learning or learning that contributes to the journey of the year group through school.


Key Areas of focus in this week are:

  • British Values
  • Careers Knowledge and understanding
  • Respect for the Environment (Including our school environment and community enabling knowledge of school rules)
  • Respect and Tolerance for religious beliefs including Christianity
  • Key Skills such as communication, respect, challenge and team work
  • Personal, Social, Health Education (including mental health and e-safety)

Some of the learning is explicit. Much of it overlaps themes and ideas to ensure children develop as well-rounded adults.