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Daisy/ Snowdrops Nursery

Welcome to The Snowdrop and Daisy Nurseries


The Snowdrop Nursery is set between the Little Blossoms and Daisy nurseries and is a wonderful stepping stone between both settings.  Your child may experience both the Snowdrop room and /or the Daisy room at Nursery, particularly if they stay all day.   Each provision follows a themed day and our staff work between both settings.

The Snowdrop Nursery overlooks a fantastic outdoor learning area for the children to explore the great outdoors and develop a curiosity of the natural world and the Daisy Nursery has a large outdoor area to create and play in.  We encourage children to develop independence and an enthusiasm for learning through the opportunity to participate in a highly stimulating an exciting curriculum which focuses on outdoor learning. The children have the opportunity to develop woodwork skills, cookery outdoors and exploring nature whilst ensuring the seven areas of learning are developed.

Through meticulous observations and developing children’s interests the dedicated staff ensure the children have a positive experience as they embark on their educational journey.

Both nurseries prepare children for the Reception year by providing children with high quality phonics and number sessions. These are completed in small groups and focus on number recognition, counting and problem solving through practical and engaging games and activities. In phonics the children begin the Read Write Inc. programme learning sounds and progressing to reading simple words whilst developing a love of stories through a language-rich curriculum including role play, drama and music.

Children in our nurseries are artists, explorers, inventors, chefs and outdoor enthusiasts! Inside the classrooms children have access to a range of high-quality and stimulating resources during continuous provision to meet all interests and abilities providing them with opportunities to participate in creative activities, investigate the sand and water trays, build, balance and link pieces together in the construction area or snuggle up with their favourite books in our reading den. Children have independent access to a range of ‘understanding of the world’ resources including torches, magnets, colourful lights, remote controlled cars, headphones and walkie-talkies which they enjoy using to further learn about the world around them.

Children have the opportunity to participate in weekly cookery sessions. Each half term these sessions are focused around a specific skill e.g. chopping, mixing (folding, stirring etc.) and each recipe is linked directly to this to allow children to become confident at using kitchen tools and able to progress as they mature. Some particular favourites are fruit pizzas, vegetable soup, carrot cake muffins, hash browns and chocolate chip shortbread.

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