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Dear Parents,
I am delighted to have children back in school today and hope that we can continue to have schools open. 
I was very concerned to hear the Prime Minister's Briefing on Saturday and wanted to write to you to ask for your continued support in keeping other families and staff safe by ensuring that you follow all guidelines which staff are also having to adhere to.
I would also like to ask that you support us in stepping up safety precautions. Please could you take children's temperatures prior to bringing them to school and be vigilant of any symptoms that they may have which may mean they have to self-isolate and/or be tested.
In public now, it is common to wear a face covering and I would ask you to consider if this is something you could show support for by wearing one when you drop off, or collect children from school. I appreciate that I cannot enforce this and that some adults may have genuine reasons why they cannot wear a face covering but, by wearing a face-covering you would be demonstrating an awareness of the anxieties and health of others.
Please wash hands for 20 seconds before leaving your home to drop off or collect children and ensure that children wash hands regularly at home and also follow other rules such as 'Catch it, Kill it, Bin it.'.
I would like to remind parents about social distancing. You should not be within 2 metres of others for any length of time. Children should be dropped off and collected by one adult only and adults need to ensure that they remain distant to the people in front and no parent should be stopping to socialise with any other parent.
Whilst households can bubble between two for childcare purposes, this should only be done where it is a necessary childcare arrangement.
School staff want children to be in school but we want this to be managed safely and we need you to support by following the correct guidance out of school.
One important point I want to clarify is that, where someone has been in close contact with a person with Covid, that someone MUST then self-isolate for 14 days and should only get a test if they have symptoms. There has been a situation where someone mistakenly believed that if they subsequently got a negative test result, they no longer had to self-isolate. The isolation period is because the person may go on, after the test, to develop symptoms.
Remote Learning
A huge well done to Year 4SN who have worked at home for two weeks. We are all set up now with remote learning for periods when classes may have to work at home. We are able to see what children are doing daily and are delighted that most children have been able to log in daily to 'live lessons' and have also been able to use their learning Apps and packs. Please remember that we were really well-prepared for this and have sent out all log-ins and extensive work packs for children in case they need to isolate. We do need parents to enforce that this work must be done when children are not in and remember that reading is absolutely the most important thing for children to learn to do.
It was so wonderful to see children so happy in their costumes on our last day of half-term. I have a very big surprise for children as we near the end of this half-term and we are currently looking at ways to ensure that they have a lovely, safe end of term as we know that it will be disappointing for all that we cannot offer end of term productions this year. It is really important to all staff that children continue to feel safe and happy in school.
Children should attend school unless they are self-isolating. We will be likely to miss too much school this year and, added to school missed last academic year, we cannot afford children to be missing any more. They also need a chance to socialise with other children. Children are at very low risk of becoming seriously ill with Coronavirus. We were actually pleased with our attendance last half-term with some classes each week achieving 100%. Thank you to parents for this.
I will continue to keep you posted as I gather further information. I am working with our team to try to keep staffing as stable as possible for children however, staff face all of the same issues that you are facing at home. The office and senior staff are now having to work out of hours daily and every weekend to ensure that we respond to all Covid-19 information and I would ask that, where possible, out of hours communication is only for Covid or emergencies. We also ask that you read all emails carefully as we try to include as much information as possible to reduce parental queries.
Any matters arising about your child should be dealt with by the class teacher via a pre-arranged phone appointment organised by the school office. If the class teacher cannot help you, we have senior staff in every team who can then support: 
(For Key Stage 1)
Mrs. Penketh - Head of Early Years
Mrs. Irving - Assistant Head/ SENCO 
Mrs. Peart - Behaviour Lead in school
(For Key Stage 2)
Mrs. Pearson - Deputy Head
Miss Foster - Assistant Head
Mrs. Pritchard - Senior Leader
Please let us continue to support one another and try to keep our school open and full of happy, learning children. 
Many thanks,
Mrs. Middleton

Covid response under the National School Breakfast Programme


Our school has signed up to receive free healthy breakfast food as part of the Covid response offer, under the National School Breakfast Programme (NSBP), which is being delivered by the charities Family Action and Magic Breakfast.

As part of this government funded programme, schools can choose to offer children a healthy breakfast at school or at home.

Our initial plan is to provide some families with a Breakfast Bag for the holidays. When we return in September, the whole school will benefit from Breakfast Bags for the first couple of weeks. Following this time, we will be offering bagel breakfast for children in their classrooms.

The benefits of a healthy breakfast include children being settled and ready to learn at the start of the day. Please speak to Mrs. McNamara, via the School Office, if you need any further support.

Monday 11th May 


Dear Parents,

Many of you will have listened to the Prime Minister give his announcement last night and I wanted to clarify for you the current position. 

The earliest considered start date for a phased return to school will be the 1st June however, that will only proceed if set out conditions are met. If schools are to re-open in a phased manner, the only year groups being considered for that currently are Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

 I will be working with a small, but representative group of parents on how this could be safely achieved for all.

I want to be very clear that, whilst the Prime Minister has said that those who cannot work from home should return to work, there is no change to the current position for schools which is that schools remain closed for all except a minority of children of Critical Workers and children who are considered to be vulnerable for example, those who have a social worker. 

I am afraid that this means that I cannot accommodate requests for childcare. I also fully appreciate that even if there is a phased return to schools, that those of you with children in year groups other than those in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will still have difficulty with childcare and we will be unable to support you with this. I know that this is extremely difficult for families. Our staff are all in the same position and we fully understand how stressful this situation can be. Staff share all of your concerns. 

I will continue to keep you informed and will be in contact following my Parent Working Party meeting later this week.

In the meantime, I am trying to ensure that I have plans in place for a safe, phased return to school and that I also have plans for how we can continue to support families with home learning.

Thank you to all those of you who are engaging with the learning already provided and to those of you accessing the website. I hope that you enjoyed our family activities pack over the weekend.

Please keep safe and continue to follow social distancing guidance.


Many thanks,

Mrs. Middleton



Dear Parents,

to ensure school emails can be accessed daily, for emergency childcare and other matters, whilst our office is shut please use:

Many thanks!



Dear Parents,

The Government directive is clear that we must try to protect our NHS by slowing the transmission of this virus by ensuring that everyone who can be at home, must be at home. School staff are committed to our key workers but we also recognise that we must limit the number of staff being deployed in school and also the number of children congregating in one place.
Parents are now supporting this Government instruction and are trying to keep children at home where there is an adult at home to care for them. Our numbers have therefore dropped. To enable us to continue to support key workers, we are now changing our system, from next week, to require parents to contact us by 4.00 p.m. on the day before they require childcare so that we can organise the appropriate staffing level.
If this is the first time your child has accessed childcare, it will be necessary for you to provide proof that both parents are required to work outside the home at the same time.
Please ensure that, from Friday evening, you contact us via email, by 4.00 p.m. to enable us to organise emergency childcare.

If you are a parent/guardian with shift patterns, we understand that these change frequently but it would be really helpful to have these as far in advance as possible?
The school email address is


We appreciate your support,


Mrs Middleton.