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Dear Parents,

to ensure school emails can be accessed daily, for emergency childcare and other matters, whilst our office is shut please use:

Many thanks!



Dear Parents,

The Government directive is clear that we must try to protect our NHS by slowing the transmission of this virus by ensuring that everyone who can be at home, must be at home. School staff are committed to our key workers but we also recognise that we must limit the number of staff being deployed in school and also the number of children congregating in one place.
Parents are now supporting this Government instruction and are trying to keep children at home where there is an adult at home to care for them. Our numbers have therefore dropped. To enable us to continue to support key workers, we are now changing our system, from next week, to require parents to contact us by 4.00 p.m. on the day before they require childcare so that we can organise the appropriate staffing level.
If this is the first time your child has accessed childcare, it will be necessary for you to provide proof that both parents are required to work outside the home at the same time.
Please ensure that, from Friday evening, you contact us via email, by 4.00 p.m. to enable us to organise emergency childcare.

If you are a parent/guardian with shift patterns, we understand that these change frequently but it would be really helpful to have these as far in advance as possible?
The school email address is


We appreciate your support,


Mrs Middleton.