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Accelerated Reader


All of our KS2 children participate in the Accelerated Reader program. Accelerated Reader is a computer program that helps teachers manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice. Children pick a book at their own level and read it at their own pace. When finished, they take a short comprehension quiz using the iPad.


Accelerated Reader gives children and teachers feedback based on the quiz results, which is then use to help children set goals and direct ongoing independent reading practice. Children using Accelerated Reader choose their own books to read, rather than having one assigned to them. This makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as they can choose books that are interesting to them. Teachers help children choose books at an appropriate level that are challenging without being frustrating, ensuring that they can pass quizzes, experience success and make progress in their independent reading. 


During class reading time, some children will be able to read from Accelerated Reader for pleasure whilst others are targeted for reading support. The teacher oversees any data generated by Accelerated Reader to ensure that children are reading an appropriately challenging text. We celebrate success with classroom displays, awards in assemblies and certificates to show how much we value hard work in reading.



At home, children use the sister program called myON. This is a program that works in harmony with Star Reader and Accelerated Reader and enables teachers access to monitor home reading. MyON has over 7,000 books for children to choose from and is bespoke to children’s reading interests. Children can continue to complete quizzes linked to the books they read.


Research has shown that Accelerated Reader enables children to make excellent progress in their reading comprehension and motivates children to read for pleasure. As with anything, performance improves with practice. Encourage your child to read at home. Create a culture of reading in your household by reading with your child, starting a home library, visiting your local library or bookshop on a regular basis, letting your child see you reading, and discussing books that each of you has read. When reading with your child, stop and ask questions to be sure your child is comprehending what is read. Reading with your child, no matter what the child’s age, is an important part of developing a good reader and building a lifelong love of reading and learning. 


Our Accelerated Reading Provision