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Minutes From Our Meetings


2nd November 2021

  • Children discussed the different ideas each class had for volunteering opportunities. 
  • The council composed a letter to be sent out to parents about the new volunteering award to be implemented this half term. 


19th October 2021

  • Signed and sent out letter to parents about the benefits of walking to school.
  • Discussed the new award in school for Volunteering
  • Came up with some ideas for Volunteering to support the local community
  • Set a task for all classes to think of volunteering opportunities.


13th October 2021

  • Photographs for Shiremoor Voice display and website
  • Discussed the fundraising ideas that have been given by all classes 
  • Collated all the benefits of walking from the classes.
  • Devised a letter to go out to parents about the importance of walking to school and to deter parking around the outside of the school building.


28th September 2021

  • Introduction to other members of the council
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of being a member of the council
  • Decided upon charity to support this year – RNLI
  • Discussed the parking situation around the school and how we could improve it.
  • Tasked all classes to come up with fundraising ideas and benefits of walking to school