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13th November

  • Elected co-chairs of the Shiremoor Voice – our Year 6 pupils Jack and Poppy will be co-chairs.
  • Discussed the ways we are currently being kept safe in school in regards to Covid
  • Hand sanitisers at all entry points coming into school
  • Staggered times for assemblies
  • Encouraging children to do less touching of door handles
  • Children wiping their table tops from Yr 2 onwards regularly throughout the day
  • Teachers wearing masks
  • Each class having their own separate area of the yard
  • Social distancing measures being put in place for parents on arrival and pick up.
  • Tables and chairs moved in classrooms
  • Regular hand washing throughout the  day
  • Discussed the possibility of a Shiremoor Voice suggestions box for classes to put their ideas they want to bring forward to the council. 


26th April

  • Children discussed 'The Big Ask' survey and as a council we went through how to complete the survey so children can support others in their classroom.
  • We have been thinking about the word 'Inspire' in school. As a council we discussed inspirational women. Children were tasked with going back to their classroom and deciding on an inspirational women they would like to do some research on for a school display.
  • Children were reminded about the Shiremoor Voice Award. What qualities we are looking for in nominations, how to complete the form and given forms to give out in their weekly class assembly.