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13th November

  • Elected co-chairs of the Shiremoor Voice – our Year 6 pupils Jack and Poppy will be co-chairs.
  • Discussed the ways we are currently being kept safe in school in regards to Covid
  • Hand sanitisers at all entry points coming into school
  • Staggered times for assemblies
  • Encouraging children to do less touching of door handles
  • Children wiping their table tops from Yr 2 onwards regularly throughout the day
  • Teachers wearing masks
  • Each class having their own separate area of the yard
  • Social distancing measures being put in place for parents on arrival and pick up.
  • Tables and chairs moved in classrooms
  • Regular hand washing throughout the  day
  • Discussed the possibility of a Shiremoor Voice suggestions box for classes to put their ideas they want to bring forward to the council.