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Shiremoor Voice Minutes 2019 – 2020


11th September 2019

– Discussed meeting times and responsibilities of council members.

– Discussed Chairperson and their role and responsibilities.

– Developed ideas about new school Respect award and how to evidence ways to incorporate respect of self, respect of others, respect of community/environment.

– Children to come to next meeting with ideas for charity to support this year.


18th September 2019

– Considered the attributes of anti-bullying ambassadors and gave out application forms.

– Discussed food bank donations for Harvest assemblies/the month of October.

– Council members made suggestions for charity to support across the year.

– Discussed the possibility of a family litter pick around the local community/Beach clean up.


25th September 2019

– Created Bay food bank letter – looked at email to see what specific food to put on the letter.

– Consulted about possible dates for Community litter pick (November?) and Beach litter pick (May/June?)

– Need to email council about the use of their litter pickers.

– Lunchtime awards ordered.

– Year 6 delegates – discussed how Shiremoor Voice nominations are given


2nd October 2019

– Signed ‘Bring it to the Food-bank’ letter.

– Read and discussed the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors application forms.

– As a council we decided upon the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for this year.


9th October 2019

– Discussed creating a ‘Shiremoor Voice’ twitter page to ensure our priorities are visible to all children and parents.

– Confirmed points for new ‘Respect Award’ before giving finalised suggestions to Mrs Middleton.

– Community Litter Pick – need to contact local council to enquire if they can provide us with litter pickers/gloves/bin bags.


16th October 2019

– Respect award introduced to all children in school assembly.

– Meeting to the children’s council to learn about their role.


23rd October 2019

– Emailed local council regarding a local litter pick.

– Organised ideas for Parliament week including Year5/6 debate

– Discussed a visit from a local politician

– Food bank donations were collected from school.


6th November 2019

– Looked at the KS1 playground – went out at lunchtime to see the types of toys children had to play with.

– Thought of some ideas for children to engage with new toys.


13th November 2019

– Devised a questionnaire for all classes to fill in regarding the use of both playgrounds to see which activities children prefer.

– Talked about including a chalk area or blackboard. Getting more dressing up and more games for children to use in wetter we


15th January 2020

– Priorities for Spring Term discussed.

– Elected Chair/Deputy Chair nominated and voted for:

Sofia  – Chairperson

Lucas – Deputy Chairperson

– Discussed the need for the Shiremoor Voice display board to be updated regularly.

– Discussion around how to earn the Aspire Award.


22nd January 2020

– Meeting with Geoff Crackett from Go-smarter.

– Planning of Car Free Day.

– Indoor activity = Air Pollution awareness (10-15 mins).

– Outdoor activity = Road safety (10 -15 mins).

– Green cross code, using a zebra crossing, finding a safe place to cross using traffic lights.

– Doctor Bike coming to check bikes.


5th February 2020

– Council made Car Free Day posters to accompany letter going home to parents. Posters to be displayed around the school to encourage maximum participation.